About the Foundation

Pelle with herbs 250The Angelo Pellegrini Foundation was created to propagate the pioneering ideas of Angelo Pellegrini, who preached the virtues of good food, good wine, and good company. It is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a charity under the 501(c)3 classification.

Vision Statement of the Foundation

The Angelo Pellegrini Foundation was created to sustain and broaden public awareness of the legacy of Angelo Pellegrini, who was a pioneer in the campaign to revive and preserve traditional values in the fields of agriculture, viticulture, literature and the culinary arts.  The foundation is dedicated to perpetuating Pellegrini’s legacy through celebration and education, honoring what he called “the good life” through shared experiences at the table, and in the community.

The Mission of the Foundation

The Angelo Pellegrini Foundation will pursue its mission through publications and events offering both inspiration and practical experience derived from Pellegrini’s numerous writings; through educational platforms featuring leading, influential figures in the contemporary pursuit of a healthy, modest lifestyle close to the earth and rooted in the home; and through communal celebrations embodying Pellegrini’s passionate advocacy of the supreme importance of shared experiences.  Such social and cultural gatherings will be devoted to broadening awareness through education, while perpetuating Pellegrini’s legacy, and celebrating such viticultural, agricultural, literary, and culinary principles and traditions.