The Pellegrini Awards

© Bob Peterson

The Angelo Pellegrini Awards are presented at a banquet which itself exemplifies the Pellegrini ideals of artisanality, seasonality, and regionality. Pellegrini laureates join the roster of individuals responsible for selecting future Award winners. © Bob Pete

The Angelo Pellegrini Award is presented annually to a person who has contributed significantly and over the long term to the life and well-being of the people of the Pacific Northwest in one or more of the following areas:

Agriculture—encouraging local food production, with an emphasis on freshness, seasonality and organic practices;

Viticulture—promoting high standards for the growth and vinification of fine grape varieties as well as encouraging home grape growers and winemakers;Pelle with herbs 250

Culinary—campaigning for the service of appetizing and nourishing food both on restaurant and family tables, through education as well as example;

Literary—furthering all the above goals through writing, publishing, film, and new media alike.

Anyone may nominate a recipient for the Pellegrini Award in one or more of the above fields of endeavor. Nominations are considered by a committee composed of members of the Pellegrini family and of previous winners of the award. The award is announced at an annual banquet during harvest season. The new laureate joins his or her predecessors in selecting the next recipient.