Tripe soup

Beef-Tripe-SoupHighly esteemed by the inhabitants of the Po valley, the principal ingredients are tripe and lima beans. For six people use three pounds of tripe and a pound of beans.

Remove globules of fat from the tripe, wash it thoroughly and boil it for half an hour in enough water to cover. Drain and dry it well with a cloth.

Mince to a pulp one-fifth of a pound of lean salt pork or ham. [Editor’s note: See Pelle on mincing.] Fry it slowly in the kettle in which the soup is to be made.

Drain off some of the fat and add two tablespoonfuls of butter. Mince an onion, a bit of parsley, a stalk of celery, and two cloves of garlic. Cook them briefly with the pork over a slow fire, then add a small tin of tomato sauce [or see Tomato Conserve recipe]. Simmer for ten minutes, then add the tripe cut in very thin strips.

Put in enough boiling water to produce a soupy consistency and cook slowly for about two hours.

At that time add the lima beans, which have been cooked separately until nearly done, in just enough water to keep them moist, so that when they are added to the tripe, the bean broth will be rather thick. Salt and pepper to taste, and let the whole simmer together for another half hour.

Serve with croutons and grated Parmigiano.